For 17 years we have been providing comprehensive services to companies in the field of national and international road transport and forwarding. We operate efficiently and accurately, constantly improving the level of services provided. Customer service at Spedtrans is the responsibility of a team full of dedicated and experienced professionals for whom the satisfaction of our customers is the highest value.

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We provide transportation services by any type of vehicle throughout the country, both full truckload and groupage shipments.

International shipping

We offer full truckload and less-than-truckload transportation of goods by vehicles with a capacity of 1.5 to 24 tons. We operate throughout Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Specialized transportation

We transport oversized goods and those requiring refrigerated and other transportation such as with police escort, with oversized cargo….


Spedtrans – Freight Forwarding and Logistics provides access to warehouse space, a network of bonded warehouses and logistics services related to transported cargo.

Customs agency and clearance

Logistics and Transportation Service – for shipments of goods outside the European Union, we take care of all the necessary formalities and documentation.

Transport, Forwarding and Logistics

Forwarding - Certificates, awards for Spedtrans

The brand of a transportation company is built by employees, not only by management and the necessary tools. The transportation company was established in 2005 …

Forwarding,Transport, Logistics, Customs Agency

The prices of our shipping, logistics and transportation services are very competitive on the European market – we encourage you to cooperate with us on an ongoing basis.

Transportation Performance Guarantee

We guarantee professional service, timely execution of orders and constant supervision of the
the course of transportation.

17 Years of Experience in the Transportation and Logistics Industry.

Our experienced team of freight forwarders is always available to provide expert advice and assistance in the optimal…

Great support-while performing the Transport service

During the execution of the transport, we remain in constant contact with the client – we provide all the necessary information on an ongoing basis.

Awards and certificates in the barn of Transportation and Logistics