We transport oversized goods and those requiring refrigerated transport.

We provide oversized transportation services both in Poland and in other European countries. We also organize cargo shipments to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus or Ukraine.

We offer:

– International oversize (abnormal) transportation,
– domestic oversize (abnormal) transportation,
– organization of transportation in the field of special permits,
– police escorts,
– bridge expertise,
– Change in traffic organization,
– cargo insurance,
– transport under the cover of a TIR carnet,
– Timeliness of delivery,
– Full implementation of customer orders,
– Accuracy and reliability of the services performed,
– competitive prices.

Refrigerated transport

Refrigerated transport is a very important branch of transportation around the world. It is thanks to him that we have a wide assortment of foodstuffs on store shelves. However, in order for the products we reach for to be fresh and healthy, the company involved in this transportation must maintain the highest standards. Sanitary procedures, reliable trailer quality and qualified personnel are the cornerstones of this business. With us, your products will cross not only the country but also the world to reach their destination safely.


Isothermal containers are special containers used for transporting food from warehouses to points of sale. Refrigerated transport includes both products needing minus temperatures (e.g., ice cream, frozen foods) and much higher temperatures (e.g., fruits, medicines, flowers). Our trailers are airtight and allow us to regulate thermal conditions, regardless of the season. The most important function here is the aggregate, which makes it possible to regulate the temperature. The trained staff knows exactly how to arrange the cargo in the trailer so that the isothermal container is not disturbed.

Our trailers will transport not only food, but also flowers, inedible plants, medicines or medical equipment.

As we have already mentioned, each commodity requires special treatment, so in addition to temperature control to ensure a healthy and fresh delivery, we will guarantee the products the right atmosphere. It will slow down the ripening process, thus extending their shelf life. Thanks to the ventilation holes in the trailers, which can be opened at any time and also the humidity control, the products will have access to fresh air.

In addition to all the above-mentioned properties of trailers, an important element is keeping it clean. De-fumigation, removal of dirt, bacteria and unpleasant odors is an absolute must in our company