Poland a logistics hub for carriers to and from Ukraine?

Ukraine needs to be rebuilt, construction materials are needed for that, and to transport them, carriers need refined procedures, the required infrastructure and strategy. Poland, due to its geographic location, may be the place where transshipment of goods transported to and from Ukraine will take place.

However, for efficient customs clearance at our border with Ukraine, you need proper customs documentation, efficient inspections or proper routing of carriers to declare materials. Logistics is also important, as we can divide construction materials into so-called FTL-full truck load, i.e. the transport is fully loaded (mainly hollow blocks, tiles, slabs, mineral wool, etc.) and so-called LTL-low truck load, i.e. the truck is partially loaded (tools, paints, electrical cans, etc.).

Ukrainian manufacturers and customers do not have either the money or the demand to fulfill a full truckload order – FTL, so the rationale is to consolidate cargo, which due to insufficient storage facilities would be stored at the Ukrainian border in the so-called “FTL”. recognized sites. At these locations, the person transporting the materials or its owner can report the goods under the procedures specified in the permit. Carriers of small parcels make a declaration at a recognized place and do not have to appear at a customs branch, without additional indication from Customs and Tax Authorities.

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